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Accelerating our AI-powered Future

April 6, 2023 | Eaton DC Hotel, Washington DC 

Start time: 10:00 AM


Bringing corporate AI insights and government needs together

Accelerate AI is focused on accelerating trustworthy AI deployment across the USG with the aim of unearthing challenges and discussing solutions that will move AI from lab to live mission deployment in a secure and trustworthy manner.

This April 6, we will convene leaders from across government, tech, private sector, academia, and research to address responsible artificial intelligence within the USG and maintain the US’ competitive advantage.



CalypsoAI’s mission is to accelerate trust in AI through independent testing and validation. We solve one of the biggest issues facing AI: machine learning models not getting deployed into production. Through CalypsoAI’s automated testing and validation solutions, decision-makers gain the performance visibility needed to deploy their models into production confidently. This ensures the success of the AI strategy while drastically reducing the amount of risk, time, and money spent to test and validate models manually.

Event Overview

Responsible and Trustworthy AI is at the center of the US government's AI strategies– to become AI-ready with responsible artificial intelligence (RAI) as a prominent pillar to maintain the US’ competitive advantage.


Accelerate AI 2023 brings together leaders from government, tech, private sector, academia, and research to address challenges, solutions, and best practices of getting AI from lab to live deployment.  

Our in-person event will bring corporate insights and government needs together to unblock the challenges and accelerate AI adoption and deployment across the USG.


Government officials, AI thought leaders and industry executives in the area of academia, policy, press, tech, private and public sector, etc.


Emerging Risks and Opportunities of LLMs in the NatSec and Beyond

As the world is rapidly advancing technologically, it is vital to understand the implications and opportunities presented by Large Language Models (LLMs) in the realm of national security and beyond. This discussion will bring together leading experts from various disciplines to share insights on the risks, ethical considerations, and potential benefits of utilizing LLMs for intelligence, cybersecurity, and other applications.

Overcoming the Barriers to AI Transformation in the USG

The potential benefits of AI transformation in the US government are vast, but the road to implementation is often hindered by numerous barriers. From addressing issues of data privacy and security to navigating bureaucratic hurdles, this panel discussion will explore the key factors necessary for successfully overcoming these barriers and achieving AI transformation in the USG.

Unleashing the Cutting-Edge Capabilities of CalypsoAI through Quantifiable AI

Unlocking AI technologies’ full potential requires a focus on quantifiable outcomes. Join us for a keynote speech exploring how CalypsoAI is unleashing the power of AI through a measurable approach. We will launch new products and discuss the importance of defining and measuring key performance indicators, and how these metrics can be leveraged to deliver real business value.

Next-Gen Tool Stack; The Future of ML

With advances in technology, the field of ML is evolving rapidly, and it is essential to stay up-to-date with the latest tools and techniques. The panel discussion will focus on the latest trends in ML tool stacks and their impact on future applications. The panel will cover topics such as new tools and platforms, the impact of emerging technologies on ML, and the opportunities and challenges in the field.

AI from Industry to Defense

The transformational impact of AI technology has disrupted industries across the globe, including the defense sector. This session will explore the challenges and opportunities presented by the wider AI landscape, and how Defense and Civilian organizations can look to the private sector for learnings.



Dr. Victoria Coleman

Dr. Victoria Coleman

Chief Scientist
United States Department of the Air Force 

Dr. Paul "PJ" Maykish

Senior Advisor for Technology and Economy
Special Competitive Studies Project (SCSP)
Dave Spirk

David Spirk

Senior Counselor
Palantir Technologies
Chris Messerole

Chris Meserole

Director, AI & Emerging Technology Initiative
Brookings Institution
Dr. Christina Liaghati

Dr. Christina Liaghati

AI Strategy Execution & Operations Manager
Seth Dobrin

Dr. Seth Dobrin

Ali Golshan-2

Ali Golshan

Co-founder and CEO
Neil Serebryany

Neil Serebryany

Co-Founder and CEO
Elham Tabassi

Elham Tabassi

Chief of Staff
Information Technology Laboratory, NIST
Gregory Little

Gregory Little

DCDAO for Enterprise Platforms and Business Optimization 
James White

James White

Mike DAmbrosio

Mike D'Ambrosio

Managing Director
Liberty Strategic Capital
George Mathews

George Mathews

Managing Director
Insight Partners
Bryan Kroger

Bryon Kroger

Founder and CEO





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Eaton DC Hotel

AccelerateAI 2023 will take place at the Eaton DC located at 1201 K St NW in Washington, DC

Eaton DC, Eaton Workshop’s flagship hotel in downtown DC, is a modern inclusive cultural hub. Within walking distance of the Mall, Smithsonian museums, Capitol Hill, the White House, and the Convention Center, attendees will enjoy the culture of a world-class city while enjoying all the unique comforts of a boutique hotel.

Address: 1201 K St NW, Washington, DC 20005

Phone: (202) 289-7600

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