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Bringing Corporate AI Insights and Government Needs Together

Accelerate AI is focused on accelerating trustworthy AI deployment across the USG with the aim of unearthing challenges and discussing solutions that will move AI from lab to live mission deployment in a secure and trustworthy manner.

During Accelerate AI we convened with leaders from across government, tech, private sector, academia, and research to address responsible artificial intelligence within the USG and maintain the US’ competitive advantage.

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Participants Talk AI Acceleration

Say Hello to MODERATOR

Presented by James White, CalypsoAI CTO

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CalypsoAI MODERATOR - the first product on the market allowing companies to safely use Generative AI at scale.

Interacting with LLMs can be a complex process, often requiring data to be sent outside of the corporate network to third-party vendors. This presents a critical challenge: ensuring the data being sent does not contain proprietary or other sensitive information. Additionally, the use of LLMs can make IP available to others directly or in an abstract form, and the data may be stored on servers controlled by third parties with unknown security protections.

To address these challenges, CalypsoAI MODERATOR measures the quality of data by assessing the accuracy of the information provided by LLMs. The product compares the results of multiple LLMs to ensure that the data is accurate and reliable, enabling organizations to make more informed decisions based on trustworthy data.

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